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Motherhood Made Me

Motherhood Made Me is an online community for all people in a motherhood role to experience connection, feel hope, and be seen. We want mothers--step-mothers, estranged mothers, single mothers, foster mothers, adoptive mothers, mothers of one, mothers of ten--to be validated, elevated, and connected in the expansiveness that is mothering.

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Motherhood Made Me's goal is for all people in the role of a mother to experience community,
feel hope, and be seen
. To accomplish this, they produced a site which allows all mother's to submit their own unique story
of motherhood, and hired PUNCHY's Lead Photographer, Amy Reams, to shoot all the custom branded photos.

The organization has a strong sense of their visual identity. Amy created images to provide them with story-specific visuals
that feel authentic and emotional: images of mothers interacting with their children and still life images that
capture moments of motherhood in a snapshot. This brand-unique photography allows each contributing writer to be more
intimately connected to their story, complements the overall site content, and allows for a clear mood across the site.

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