Designing Knockout Brands

We strive to create brands and experiences that are memorable and timeless. Need someone to spearhead your design initiatives? We got you. Need professionals to work side-by-side with your marketing team? We're there. If you are looking to create an authentic brand, from the ground up, we’ll knock your socks off.

Brand Identity
Graphic Design

Does your brand pack
enough punch?

Tired of having a generic brand? PUNCHY is a design consultancy that is putting the spark back into design. We work with companies of all sizes to level up their digital presence.


You want a great brand. We know that. And we have the skills needed to exceed your expectations. Want to be different and bold? Ask us how we help you reach your goal.


Clean user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design comes from research, creativity, and hard work. Our team has stitched together winning designs for top industry clients.

Branding + design,
a 1-2 punch

We walk a little off beat. We focus on creativity and originality, not copying what’s out there. If you’re looking to create an authentic brand, you’re in the right place.

Motion Design

Bring life to your designs with powerful animations that tell a story and captivate your audience on an emotional level. You can’t ignore that 40% of consumers said they would rather watch a brand video than read the same information.

Graphic Design

You deserve the best. Let’s put our heads together and create knockout designs that others can’t keep up with. Can you afford to not have amazing design work?


Sometimes digital work is not enough. You want more. Thankfully, we have extensive experience with art direction, creative direction, and photography.

What they say

"We are not a cookie cutter business, so we don't want cookie cutter design.  At the same time we still want clean branding that tells a story and matches our values. PUNCHY creates high quality professional work with just enough attitude for us to love it."

Knight Campbell
Cairn Leadership

"Liz’s disposition is always positive, taking on challenging tasks and collaborating with us by producing highly creative solutions in a quick turnaround time. We greatly appreciate and value working with her!"

Claudia Rubiou

"We know we can count on Liz to deliver highly creative, high-quality on-brand solutions in short notice whenever we need them. That support is a brilliant extension of our team."

Kristen Hamilton

"We have really enjoyed collaborating with Liz in the redevelopment of our brand identity...We now have a strong identity and the confidence we need to make the appropriate connections with the wide range of audiences worldwide."

Heidi Schuman
Fluency Group

"Liz is at it again with a new design collective. Having hired her firms in the past, the new Punchy brings a slew of modern services that goes far beyond design and brings in strategic insights and branding. Looking forward to the magic."

Lang Richardson
Executive Creative Director

"Liz is fantastic. She guided our team through the complexity of branding, made it easy and applied her creative genius to produce Farmify's branding and logomark that are powerful, unique and perfect."

Caleb Johns
Founder, Farmify
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