Trends that Will Impact Digital Marketing in 2020 and beyond… 

2020 is not just any year. It has brought new challenges for entrepreneurs, which means a turning point on trends and users’ habits as digital marketing continues to evolve. Wanna know the trends that will impact digital marketing for the rest of the year and 2021?


SEO Best Practices

Your team works hard on creating content, but are you throwing a punch that’s going to land on target? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting your content seen by a wider audience. Excellent use of SEO will boost your content in search engine rankings and move your business one step closer to customer retention with every search.


The World is Full of New Ideas: Building a Business

“Where do I start?” With board games, the answer to that question is a little more obvious. Get your green gingerbread man and begin on the bold word START. Then, you draw a card and hope that you don’t get stuck in the Licorice Lagoon. (Candy Land, anyone?).


Why a Heavyweight Omnichannel Experience is a Must

What comes to mind when you think of stellar online customer service? Does attentiveness come to mind? Do you think of consistency? Is quick shipping important to you? Maybe you think of websites that are easy to navigate...The point is, everyone wants an experience that is seamless and instantaneous.


Breath Life Into Your Designs with Animation

Designs aren’t just designs anymore now that it’s 2020. With the New Year, come fresh opportunities to implement new strategies, and animation should be one of the first tools that you add to your design toolbox. Because let’s face it, brands are always looking to take things to the next level with AR, 3-D, and animation.It’s a rat race to not only meet the trend but to implement the next best things, which means if you’re not doing animation, it could mean your designs are a little lifeless (tough to hear, we know.)


Where Do We Find Inspiration?

Inspiration is definitely a very loaded word. What’s interesting about it is that while it has a technical definition, inspiration means something different to everyone. Inspiration is defined “as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. ”Why is inspiration important?