How to Find and Hire the Best B2B Marketing Consultant

Getting the right B2B marketing consultant for your business isn't always an easy job. So, we've summarized the most crucial points you need to conside for finding the ideal consultant.


What's image marketing? Is it different from branding?

Image marketing is one of the newest forms of marketing to stand out with visuals... But, do you know how to effectively apply this marketing methodology on your site?


Why are branding and web design so critical for your business?

Branding and web design are two closely related concepts that are key to taking your business to the next level, but knowing both can take it even further.


Remarketing and Retargeting for Boosting Conversions

Remarketing on Google is a technique that every marketer must know to generate a higher impact and more leads. Find out how to get more sales now!

Social Media

How to Design Effective Facebook Ads for Business

Facebook Ads for business is one of the most important broadcasting marketing platforms today. Take advantage of one of the largest markets for your business.


What Are Sales Funnels and How to Increase Sales?

Sales funnel marketing will get you tons of traffic to your website and prospects to increase your sales dramatically. Find out how to build a sales funnel here!


Influencer Marketing Tools: How to Measure Influencer Marketing Effectiveness

Influencer marketing campaigns are popular today. Learn how to measure influencer marketing effectiveness and influencer marketing tools for your business.


Get More Sales with Great Customer Service

Get customer service tips to make your business increase engagement and more clients as soon as possible with some simple changes in your customer service.


Web Design Principles and CTA Optimization

Web design principles and web design tools are elements that will guide you while building your website. Take advantage of them and apply these strategies.

Social Media

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing tools are an integral part of business life and if you want to have a stronger brand, check out these strategies to grow your business.


Emotional Marketing: What Is It and How to Use It in Your Brand Strategy

What is emotional marketing? Emotional marketing campaigns are key to engage your readers. Read on to learn the benefits of this strategy and suceed!


8 Web Design Trends to Make Your Users Love You

Web design trends are always changing but you can recognize the best web design current trends every year. Take a look at these new web design trends!


Guide to Instagram Ads: How to Advertise on Instagram Profitably

Instagram ads policy and Instagram ads formats can be hard to understand and apply. That´s why you must check out these ideas before getting started.


Digital Marketing Trends: What is their impact on marketing?

Digital marketing's latest trends are evolving and users’ habits establish these changes. Wanna know the trends that will impact digital marketing?


Is It Time to Jump on the Podcast Bandwagon?

As if it were a living organism in constant evolution, marketing continually adapts to the needs of users at a hectic pace, and this is the time for podcasts.


Is Customer Experience the New User Experience?

Customer experience and user experience are not such different concepts but there are some differences to consider. Explore them here to differentiate yourself!

Tips & Tricks

Win the hearts of Investors with a Pitch Deck Designs that Wows

Pitch decks that sell aren't easy to make. Follow the pitch deck's best practices to increase your chances of getting more investors.


Why a Heavyweight Omnichannel Experience Is a Must

Stellar online customer service makes the difference as everyone wants a seamless experience. Check out this post to create a better experience for your customers!


Get in the Ring with Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation refers to software platforms that effectively market on multiple channels. They do this by employing AI to complete time-consuming tasks.


How to Promote a Small Business: Heavyweight Marketing on a Featherweight Budget

Grow a small business and promote it by investing in marketing. We’ve compiled a shortlist of some inexpensive ways to get the most bang for your buck. 


A Branded Photoshoot: Custom Photography vs Stock Photography

PUNCHY and its CEO, Liz Oz, focus on photography as a key to promote businesses. Learn more about the benefits of photography for promoting your business online!


How to Write an About Page that Gets Attention

Find out how to write an about page to help your clients know you better and increase engagement. Keep reading to learn the best practices for about us pages!


12 Tips to Create the Perfect Product Descriptions

Discover how to write product descriptions that sell! Product descriptions for eCommerce focus on the main features of the product and benefits for customers.


What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and How Does It Apply to Marketing?

Discover what neuro-linguistic programming is and understand your customer's needs quickly by learning the basics concepts and ideas of modern NLP.


Discover What Neuromarketing Is and How to Connect with Emotions

What are neuromarketing and neuromarketing techniques? Explore how to improve your sales process and marketing strategies with neuromarketing tips and tricks.


Marketing for SaaS: Its Basic Tools and Functionalities

Design a compelling SaaS marketing strategy for your cloud-based applications and discover how to make them work effectively. Keep reading to learn more!


On-page SEO: 10 Tips to Become an Expert

What is on-page SEO? On-page SEO will help you a get well-optimized website and higher conversion rates. Explore the best on page SEO practices here!


How to Do a Competitor Analysis in Marketing

Discover the best competitor analysis tools on the market and beat your competitors. Click here and dare to lead your industry by analyzing your competitors.


How to Create a Newsletter that Your Readers Love

Get inspired by the best techniques on how to write newsletters that get customers and engage readers. Learn more and succeed at email marketing here!


Image File Formats: When to Use the Appropriate Format in Your Designs

Find out the appropriate image file formats for your designs and learn how to choose the best file format to improve your projects now. Read on to learn more!


Ethics of Marketing and Users’ New Preferences

Ethical marketing consists of making morally correct decisions when doing business. Discover how to do business following ethical principles and show more social responsibility!