Today it seems commonplace that businesses are turning to stock photography as a means to design, promote and advertise their business. Unfortunately, they are being lost in the pack, coming across unoriginal or worse yet “cheesy”, while missing a vital opportunity to differentiate and build connections.

At PUNCHY, one of our core brand values is AUTHENTIC. We realize every business should be harnessing the power of custom photography to showcase their brand. Custom photography is an incredible way to communicate your brand style, voice, and uniqueness you need to build a strong, recognizable brand. 

A custom brand photo shoot will empower you to engage your audience in a deeper way and build trust with your customers as they understand more about what makes your business special.

Many businesses feel that they cannot afford to do a brand photoshoot, but in reality you cannot afford not to. Without the business-specific photos of you, your team, your products/service, it’ll be much harder to build trust and foster engagement. 

Here is a summary of how you can leverage the photos from a brand photoshoot in your business so you can get the most from your investment:

• Bio headshots for website 

• Photos for website 

• Newsletter header 

• Newsletter photos 

• Pricing guides 

• Business related options/free resources 

• Promotional pamphlets/flyers 

• Business cards 

• Advertising 

• Blog posts 

• Contributor photos (when you’re a guest speaker or guest on podcast or a guest blog writer) 

• Social Media Channel header (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube 

• Social Media Channel bio photo 

• Social Media Channel posts, articles

• Social Media Ads

• Video thumbnail

• Book cover/book bio photo 

• Podcast graphics

PUNCHY’s Lead Photographer, Amy Reams, has been doing lifestyle/branded photoshoots for over 10 years. She realizes there is so much more to photography than getting a pretty picture or a set number of photos.  The key is making her clients feel comfortable, which is when their true personalities emerge, and personality is how you build connections with your target audience. 

Below she summarizes some of the top things to discuss with your photographer and what ways to prepare prior to your branded shoot.

  • Discuss the number of photos included
  • Confirm you’ll receive and online gallery where you can identify your top selects, and when it will be available
  • Define a set number of outfit changes (*Think about wardrobe, and props you may need)
  • Determine your shooting location(s): Choose location(s) where you are comfortable and showcase your personality and/or is/are representative of your business: Your office/working/coworking space, neighborhood coffee shop, your house, a photo studio, or a place where you spend free time, such as a park or beach, under a bridge or in front of a colorful mural
  • Number of people
  • Make sure you’ll receive high resolution photos for use on social and business channels.
  • Create a moodboad or Pinterest gallery of inspiration as a style guide to give your photographer and idea of the looks/poses you are after

Motherhood Made Me is an online community for all people in the role of mother to experience connection, feel hope, and be seen. To understand that motherhood is bright and bitter, pretty but not put together. This organization has a strong sense of visual identity.  Amy’s images provide them with story-specific visuals that feel authentic and emotional: images of mothers interacting with their children and still life images that capture moments of motherhood in a snapshot. This brand-unique photography allows each contributing writer to be more intimately connected to their story, complements the overall site content, and allows for a clear mood across the site.  

Now you’re armed with information to get started planning and organizing your brand photo shoot. Positioning your business online in a way that genuinely reflects your vision and style will empower you to engage in a deeper way and build trust with customers as they understand more about what makes your business special.

Do you own or work at a company looking to level up by building deeper connections through a branded photoshoot? Give us a call, we’d love to discuss!

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September 29, 2017

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