What's image marketing? Is it different from branding?

Image marketing is one of the newest forms of marketing to stand out with visuals... But, do you know how to effectively apply this marketing methodology on your site?

Social Media

UX Principles & Social Networks: A Strategy that Generates Results

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Public Relations in the Digital Age

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5 Awesome Visual Marketing Strategies to Engage Your Readers

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Is Customer Experience the New User Experience?

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Let the Journey Begin: Journey Mapping Examples

Did you know that the secret to discovering what customers want is right under your nose? Journey mapping is what you´re looking for!


Hire a Graphic Designer: Top 10 Signs You've Found Your Design Prizefighter

Learn how to be a winner in business and the essential qualities of a prizefighter. We created a list of the top 10 signs you've found your design prizefighter.


How to Promote a Small Business: Heavyweight Marketing on a Featherweight Budget

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Key Element of Branding and Visual Identity

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A Complete Guide to Trademarks

Trademark is something a few people know but it is the little tiny symbol on a well-known brand. If you manage a brand, you better know the term “trademark”.


How Brands Are Using Augmented Reality in Marketing

Augmented reality is impacting design as motion design, animation, video content, and flexible branding systems. Find out why and take advantage of this trend!


Flexible Branding Systems vs. Static Logos

Why are static logos and flexible branding are changing the graphic design world? Explore the differences between a static logo and a flexible branding system.


Word of Mouth PR DIY Podcast

Founder and Creative Director, Liz Oz, sits down with Melanie DeFilippis, founder of New York public relations agency WOM PR, and talks about everything from the importance of Brand dev, Design, to the recent relaunch of PUNCHY.


Graphic Design Rules: Why Every Brand Needs to Invest in Compelling Design

A compelling and eye-catching design is the heart of your website and you need to build a strong, recognizable brand to draw enough attention.


Building an Authentic Brand with Loyal Customers

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A Branded Photoshoot: Custom Photography vs Stock Photography

PUNCHY and its CEO, Liz Oz, focus on photography as a key to promote businesses. Learn more about the benefits of photography for promoting your business online!


How to Write an About Page that Gets Attention

Find out how to write an about page to help your clients know you better and increase engagement. Keep reading to learn the best practices for about us pages!