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MightyRecruiter is an end-to-end recruiting solution that makes manual, time-consuming tasks easy, quick, and effective. It is designed to help attract, source, recruit, and hire relevant candidates.

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The site is based on the premise that hiring should not be hard. The site provides end-to-end solutions, guidance and information relevant to recruiters to expedite the hiring, sourcing and recruitment process. Platform functionalities include easy posting to job boards, job promotion and rating and tracking of candidates among many others.

We created engaging relevant content and an ongoing communication platform with the recruitment audience to establish MightyRecruiter as a leader in the recruitment field.

We led the design and developed various approaches to reach the target audience through content pieces consisting of eBooks, infographics a new blog and blog articles. We also developed a brand guideline for custom iconography, graphs and photo treatments. The communication platform established through emails included steps like registration, updates and newsletter, on both desktop and mobile designs, where the goal was to create a consistent and identifiable visual style.

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