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Fuse App

Fuse is a dating app that connects real people by using state-of-the-art technology. With Fuse, a person can meet new interesting people... and go far beyond their pictures and appearance to know their true selves. With the app, people get to know each other's world and personalities with exciting in-app features such as voices and essentials.


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Fuse needed a first-class brand image for its launch with a stunning logo, impactful images, and a unique UX that would give the app major personality. We kicked the project off by going through a complete brand strategy process, followed by the brand identity development phase.

The Fuse brand identity is composed of a custom script logotype that evokes a sense of creativity, elegance and style. Due to its elaborate and nuanced look , it lends a “special” whimsical look-and-feel as a result of it’s hand-written nature. The swashes in the F, form a heart to convey this is an app designed create modern-era love stories. The F + <3 can be isolated to create a custom logomark that becomes the essence of the brand. This form is also used to create background patterns to visuals to give the Fuse visual language a distinct look.

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While the brand identity was underway, we also kicked off the UX phase of the project. This included interview with potential users in our demographic, understanding the users needs, and prioritizing features for the MVP. Once this was fully understood, we began creating wireframes based on our knowledge.

Once the wireframing phase was complete, we were then again, able to get feedback from potential users in our demographic. Once we were able to validate our user experience, we began to finalize the user interface for the application. We applied all the branding color elements, custom iconongraphy, typography, custom illustrations, and photography to create a one-of-a-kind memorable user experience.

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