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MirrorCache® is a startup and creator of theSmartAccessMirror™, a touch-enabled / voice-enabled smart mirror with a builtin safe, providing hotel guests a personalized, user-friendly hotel stay. SmartAccessMirror™ acts as your personal concierge. By utilizing Artificial Intelligence, and various interactive capabilities, guests are always connected to the hotel and community for amenities, services, attractions, restaurants, and much more.‍

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MirrorCache® was in need of a new and memorable brand identity to send a powerful and memorable message to potential investors. The identity needed to appeal to hotel decision makers, investors, and the consumer alike. We felt that PUNCHY really understood our goals and audience and was able to translate that into the visual representation of our company that we needed.

PUNCHY explored many conceptual directions before we landed on the idea of a faded box that encompassed the text, to play up the definition of "Cache". We also collaborated with The Experience Group who worked to keep readability, legibility and the users in mind throughout the process.

When we go to pitches we often feel a great of pride in how we are so visually put-together for a startup. We are all so proud to represent MirrorCache with the stunning detail of color and effects, it is very empowering as I speak in front of an audience to know that I have immaculate material to present. We do truly appreciate the work that's been done and are seeing that this will bring great reward to us all as a company.

“I am very excited to pay tribute to PUNCHY along the way, and hope we can all continue growing together.” — Scott Ware, Founder

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