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SD Mortgage Couple

San Diego Mortgage Couple is a professional and experienced mortgage lending couple who offer their expertise, passion, and connections to help your home buying journey unfold smoothly. They have over three decades in the mortgage lending market, helping others get into the San Diego area home of their dreams.

Release Date:
December 1, 2022


The initial assumption was that the San Diego Mortgage Couple needed to refresh their brand and pick colors that convey a new message. After a thorough analysis of the brand, PUNCHY provided both a digital strategy to reach a wider audience and enhance their user experience. Once the branding project was complete, we moved onto the responsive mobile website.


Earned impressions

Results and Business Impact

PUNCHY moved forward with the development of a new brand identity for San Diego Mortgage Couple, created a strong logo, and a new color palette to give more strength and integrity to the brand.

As a result, San Diego Mortgage Couple dramatically increased impressions, brand awareness and achieved a wider clientele.


Increase in brand awareness

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