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National Geographic Glimpse

National Geographic Glimpse is a website and magazine about students' real-life traveling abroad. It features stories by young Americans living overseas – interesting stories, surprising stories, stories that make you think, and a place to share experiences and enhance journalism skills. Glimpse is the place where young adults who think, act, and live globally share their stories.


Release Date:
April 1, 2020

Challenge: Glimpse content is user-generated and professionally edited, giving contributors the chance to hone their journalism skills with National Geographic editors and readers the opportunity to learn about the world through the eyes of their peers.

The challenge with this project was determining staying true and respective the worldwide know brand of National Geographic. Careful consideration on the best way to lean into the National Geographic brand, while still making it something fresh and new and appealing to a younger demographic. Through student interviews it was determined that aesthetics that were more organic and spirited is what appealed to the students.

After multiple sessions with the project stakeholders we focused on the core aspects of the brand... Seeing the world through your own perspective. The tagline “The world through your eyes” was born.

: Increase in organic search traffic
: Increase in site traffic

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