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National Geographic Glimpse

National Geographic Glimpse, a platform dedicated to real-life stories from young Americans living abroad, faced a unique challenge. As a part of the renowned National Geographic brand, Glimpse sought to retain the global recognition while infusing a fresh and appealing aesthetic that resonated with its youthful target demographic.


Release Date:
April 1, 2020


Objective: To balance the legacy of the National Geographic brand with the need for a vibrant, organic, and spirited appeal that would attract young contributors and readers.

The challenge was addressed through a series of collaborative sessions with project stakeholders, including student interviews to understand the preferences of the target audience. It became clear that the key was to maintain authenticity while infusing a more organic and spirited aesthetic into the brand.


1. Core Brand Essence: "The world through your eyes"

The essence of the Glimpse brand was distilled to a simple yet powerful concept: seeing the world through one's own perspective. This became the guiding principle for the rebranding effort.

2. Visual Identity: The Abstract Painted "Eye" Logo

The logo, a pivotal element in the rebranding strategy, features an abstract painted "eye" placed sideways. This innovative design not only captures the essence of observation and exploration but also adds a touch of creativity and uniqueness. The sideways placement adds a dynamic and youthful flair.

3. Tagline Reinforcement

The tagline, "The world through your eyes," was carefully crafted to align seamlessly with the core brand essence. It serves as a constant reminder of the platform's commitment to showcasing diverse perspectives and personal experiences.

4. Aesthetics: Organic and Spirited Design

The aesthetics were overhauled to embody the youthful spirit that emerged from student interviews. The use of organic shapes, vibrant colors, and dynamic layouts created an engaging and visually appealing atmosphere, reinforcing the brand's connection with its young contributors and readers.

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The rebranding efforts resulted in a harmonious blend of National Geographic's esteemed reputation and the fresh, new appeal desired by the younger demographic. Glimpse successfully retained its authenticity while evolving to meet the expectations of its dynamic audience. The abstract "eye" logo and the tagline became symbolic, representing the essence of the platform and its commitment to providing a unique lens through which young adults explore and share their global experiences.


National Geographic Glimpse navigated the delicate balance between tradition and innovation, creating a brand that not only stayed true to its roots but also resonated deeply with the evolving perspectives of its young contributors and audience. This project showcases the power of thoughtful design and branding strategies in capturing the essence of a brand while embracing change.

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