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Pick-a-TV empowers users from around the world to catch up on their favorite broadcasts from over 50+ countries. Watch hundreds of live TV channels anytime, anywhere, on any device... for free! Pick-a-TV brings live public TV streams from around the world to your Android device. Watch at home, at work, while commuting, at the coffee shop, in the waiting room or anywhere you find yourself.

Release Date:
July 1, 2017

Before working with PUNCHY, Pick-a-TV was struggling to get new users and increase its follower base in a cost-effective way. We determined a redesign of the app, simplifying the UI and adding new engaging elements to motivate users.

We created a new and effective UI, a simplified visual language... and in less than six months, Pick-a-TV increased its downloads by 22%, and also grew its users and social media followers by 15%. 

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