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The site offers resources for the job-search journey, providing tools such as resume examples, resumes by industry, formats, templates and a resume maker. The site holds over 200,000 visits. needed to refresh the brand identity across the whole site, creating a new logo and refreshing visuals for the various types of content pages.

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The challenge was to create a proposal for site branding and visuals with an approachable and refreshed aesthetic that would appeal to new clients and maintain a relation with the previous aesthetic, so as to keep the already established user base. This new branding needed to be applied to different areas such as logo, color palette, typography use and across different content.

Various approaches were explored for the creative.The new logo provided higher legibility in a stylized and more approachable font. The new icon developed uses an origami paper form reminiscent of a letter, creating a distinct visual that becomes part of the language.

In order to create broader changes across the site, PUNCHY developed a style guide, which includes a refreshed color palette, a new menu with its proposed interaction, and visual elements and patterns.

On the interior pages, varying layouts were developed for the different type of content needed to be displayed. These included new grid, font and layout applications across templates for standardization of content.

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