Lead Magnets Marketing: The Magic of Converting Leads into Customers

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September 7, 2020

Are you looking to boost your lead generation and conversions? We'll be uncovering the secret of lead magnets and how they can help you turn leads into paying customers. We'll be discussing everything from understanding what lead magnets are, to creating irresistible offers and implementing them into your marketing strategy.

So, let's dive in and discover the magic of lead magnets marketing.

What are leads?

Leads are internet users who give their data to a business and as a consequence, they become a record in your database and from now on, you can interact with them. 

Now, this transaction in which you get the user's personal data in exchange for something, (specialized content) is the fundamental idea of a lead magnet. The piece of content that attracts leads is what makes the conversion possible. This is an incentive to obtain their data and it typically is a discount, downloadable pdf, access to a course, etc. 

To treat a user as a lead, they must accept your business’ privacy policy and then, with this authorization, you will contact and send them relevant information that positions you as an authority figure that can help them solve their problems and maintain a loyal customer of your products and brand.

However, you have to differentiate between two opposite types of leads: cold leads and hot leads... and in your case, you’ll need hot leads!

Attract customers to your funnel

Cold leads vs. hot leads

It's time to go deeper and learn what are the kinds of leads you need for your business:

  • Cold leads are leads who download content and start a process of research or learning to find out how to solve a need or problem (a pain point).
  • Warm leads are leads who you can't totally consider a cold lead but it’s not hot either. Perhaps they are evaluating different possible solutions, pros and cons, budgeting, reading forums or researching the market and your competitors.
  • Hot leads are the ones willing to check out your offer and probably make a purchase. 

This is the kind of leads you are looking for in your business, and we will show you how to get more hot leads with your lead magnets.

Lead magnets ideas: How to generate a customer from a lead

The key is in the information. If there is a key point to improve our lead-to-customer conversion ratio, it is undoubtedly the information we collect in our lead capture process.

At this point, it’s not enough to have a high number of leads or potential clients if they are not hot leads because if they’re not willing to buy from you, you'll have difficulties closing the sale anyway... and you will be wasting your time!

Therefore, to start generating leads for your business is necessary to create interesting and quality content for your target audience and enable its download through different forms.

How to create lead magnets

1. Define the buyer persona well

One of the keys to getting hot leads is defining your buyer persona with in-depth to really know your ideal customer. If you don't define your buyer persona, you won't be able to adapt your lead acquisition strategy to them.

With this knowledge, you will be able to know how they act, how they think, what channels they use, what their motivations are. This way, you will be able to better align yourself with them and, ultimately, speak their same language.

Develop very specific campaigns to your buyer persona considering the text, landing pages and specific keywords. In fact, to talk about the problems or needs of your ideal customer you have to know them really well. Have you already created your ideal customer? 

Running a business takes a lot of effort and knowing your target audience in depth will make it a bit easier, Start by creating an avatar of your ideal customer like this:

  • Demographic data: name, age, marital status, where they live, what they do, children, hobbies.
  • Goals and dreams: what do they dream of, what are their goals, what would they do if they had no personal or financial limits.
  • Worries and problems: what prevents them from achieving their dreams, what paralyzes them.
  • How is their day-to-day: details a whole day of your life.

All this information is not superficial, it serves to find out what you can offer to help them with your business. Once you know your target, after creating the personal and doing research, you’ll be able to solve problems.

2. Study your existing customers and their characteristics

Knowing your buyer persona is the first step, but now you have to offer content irresistible for the needs of your target. If you understand their concerns and provide them solutions those leads can finally become sales.

You need to use all your lead information to determine their current needs and take advantage of it, anticipate their questions and attitudes to improve and make more attractive your lead magnet.

As content is the most valuable part of this process, you need to update the content according to their needs and encourage conversion through a landing page, website, blog post, Facebook Lead Ads campaign, etc.

3. Offer content that really adds value

The content is responsible for moving people from one phase to another within the marketing methodology, (ie: further down the sales funnel). Only by giving a compelling reason, you’ll get customers to fill out a form with their data.

How can you create remarkable content? You can make it by following a strategic plan focused on the buyer's persona and the phase they are in your sales funnel. You shouldn't create content without a plan because it can result in wasted time.

Particularly, you have to show your content in an eye-catching presentation. For instance, if you’re offering an ebook, you need to create a cover that connects emotionally with your target audience and that represents the essence of your business with the colors and the style of your brand.

You can use a mock-up or graphic element that represents your lead magnet. People value something tangible they can appreciate and when you buy something you like to see it, even in photos. If there is nothing to look at, it will seem to you that “it is only air”. And that doesn't build trust. Even if your Lead Magnet is a video or a series of videos, create a real 3D representation with your cover design. 

Don't forget to explain to your new subscriber who you are, why you can help them and what your customers say about you. It starts with an introduction explaining why they should listen to you.

4. Analyze your customer’s data and update your service

A good technique to categorize leads is by incorporating your new customers’ information to segment your customers to keep updating and improving your product and service. Thanks to the information you're collecting in the lead acquisition process, you’ll be able to create a new strategy to meet the specific needs of your customers.

5. Optimization of the commercial copy and landing page 

People want immediacy on the internet, so just a different design is not enough. You must incorporate a text that literally expresses what your lead magnets promise.

Begin with a title that gets attention, so don't put just anything out. Think about it because it is one of the elements that can make the downloads increase along with the cover image. Why? Because they are the first 2 things your website visitors are going to see.

You must clearly show the results and benefits your product will provide and be specific. Explain how their lives will improve and their problems will disappear, but make sure your product is great and fulfill what it promises.

Shoot relevant images and videos that reflect your text. Don't just search for a “pretty image”, but rather create a custom image in which your audience can see themselves and aspire to be. If you have to resort to stock photography, make sure you only use high-quality images. 

6. Direct redirection to the thank you page

While your leads are waiting to receive the download they requested, they fill a new form that appears after it, without knowing that they already have the download in their mailbox. For this reason, it is good to create a thank you page in which you indicate that they will receive the content automatically and avoid filling in another form. 

7. Implement a double opt-in

The double opt-in is an action to verify their mail. In your case, more than verifying your leads’ email, you will use it to confirm their interest in your offer.

Once they click on the confirmation email button, they will go to a thank you page. In this way, you can know the leads who are demonstrating their total interest in receiving the information you offer.

The main advantage of double opt-in as a registration mechanism is that it guarantees that users give you their explicit consent to receiving messages, they really are the ones who have access to the email and by clicking on the confirmation link, the registration mechanism is more reliable. 

At the legal level, the double opt-in constitutes irrefutable proof of the user's registration and statistically, emails with double opt-in have a higher “engagement” rate and present higher profits for you. The explanation is simple, if users complete the whole process, they have a real interest in your product or service.

The main disadvantage of double opt-in is that it introduces more friction to the registration process and by involving an additional action, many users don't finish the process while in a single opt-in, the registration mechanism is more user-friendly but your leads aren't that committed.

In the end, there’s no magic bullet in locking up the user registry. Each method, double opt-in or single opt-in has its advantages and disadvantages. However, if you want high conversions, a double opt-in mechanism is your way to go. 

Wrapping up

The process of obtaining the right leads for your business requires the creation of very high-quality content,  market research that allows you to define your buyer persona and the constant updating of your segmentation using the data from your leads.

From the moment you optimize your lead magnets, you’ll obtain the most suitable leads and with greater conversion possibilities. It’s not an easy task but it is not impossible either, it only requires dedication in your sales funnel.

Considering all these factors, you’ll make better decisions and have a higher conversion rate... and more customers.

If you need further help, contact us and we’ll help you get more customers!

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September 5, 2020