What Does It Mean to Be an Entrepreneur?

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July 21, 2020

When most of us think of an entrepreneur we simplify it to mean a business owner. We imagine startup tech companies that are optimistically eager to make an imprint on the world with their innovation.

Instagram accounts depict startups in a light that makes all of us curious about what life as an entrepreneur could look like for us. Newly launched creative marketers pull us in with captivating captions and success stories taking the limelight. Ah, to live the life of an entrepreneur.

To truly understand and appreciate what it means to be an entrepreneur, we have to take a look at the journey. That tech company lost many hours of sleep in order to get to the place where they have pushed through fear to become free in sharing their innovation with the world. The setbacks for the creative marketer were tough, too. It took four years to see a profit in her business. Those four years were a constant effort of trying to get customers, advertising with money she didn’t have, and hiring (and firing) staff. 

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Are being a business owner and an entrepreneur the same thing? 

Wears multiple hats (or gloves)

What does an entrepreneur do? 

Entrepreneurs are the ones that stand in the community around them or the eCommerce space and take note of what’s missing. Then, they jump in the ring and decide to stand foot to foot with any opposition that arises – funding, competitors, and frequent setbacks.

An entrepreneur isn’t merely a business owner but aims to make a difference by investing in uncharted territory. An entrepreneur assesses the need, decides how to solve it, and establishes the business. Then, they’ll market it, onboard staff, and eventually expand or sell the business once it becomes profitable.

Vital values of an entrepreneur

We all know what a boxer is, but it isn’t just a skill that makes a good boxer. That uppercut may land a couple of KOs, but exceptional attributes are going to be what drives the skills. Values like perseverance, dedication, emotional agility, and creativity are actually needed in boxing and entrepreneurship. 

Here are other values that entrepreneurs have in common with each other:

  • Financial smarts and swagger – entrepreneurs have financial wisdom and they aren’t eager to jump into financially unsound situations. They believe that anything worth doing (and funding) is worth doing well. This doesn’t mean that entrepreneurs don’t take risks--they’re just measured and a cut above the rest. Entrepreneurs choose their funding options wisely and don’t shy from seeking investors or going a non-traditional route.
  • Willingness to bend – the road to entrepreneurship is one with a lot of roadblocks. Sometimes those roads are completely washed out and you have to build a bridge from discarded debris and crawl over to the destination. Entrepreneurs are dedicated to seeing their investment pay off so they’re able to bend and overcome obstacles along the way.
  • Crystal clear vision – focus and a clear vision are attributes of an entrepreneur. Their clear vision allows them to take measured steps to see each goal completed. They make room for steps a, b, and c in the event that things go according to plan. An entrepreneur has a big picture in mind but knows each small detail that needs to fall in place. They’re able to take those goals and delegate working pieces to others so that the big picture is accomplished.
  • Independently awesome – entrepreneurs appreciate autonomy and working for themselves. Without the overhead of a direct report, they’re able to thrive in creative thinking. This may just be the best thing about an entrepreneur. Their hunger for independence is satisfied when they’re working for their own cause. This can make them great bosses since they are able to flourish in their own gifts. 
Don't quit fighting!

Key takeaways

Does the entrepreneurial life appeal to you? There are so many options when it comes to launching a business and even reselling it for profit. Do you connect with the listed values of an entrepreneur? How can your community or online community benefit from your business?

It’s important to know why you’re setting out on the journey, how you’re going to throw a powerful punch, and how you’ll recover if your plans take an uppercut. Fortunately, you have PUNCHY to coach you along the way. We’re a team of creative entrepreneurs that have been there, and can help you create a knockout brand that clinches the competition.

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July 20, 2020